Art and Culture

Art and culture

Meruelo, Siete Villas and in general the entire Trasmiera Borough used to be the birthplaces of many artists specialized in different trades: architects, altarpiece artists, sculptors, gilders, etc.

Their imprint is still visible, which is why the visitor to Cantabria is amazed by the abundance and quality of their palaces and emblazoned mansions, churches and chapels… occasionally located in the most unlikely corners.

Day Excursions:

Noja. Puente _romano_ en la marisma Victoria

  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
  • Cabárceno Nature Park.
  • Santillana del Mar and Altamira Neocave.
  • Liérganes and upper course of the Miera River.
  • Arredondo and the Asón River Basin.
  • Villacarriedo, Selaya and Pas Valley.
  • The heart of Cantabria: Cabuérniga Valley, Barcena Mayor and Carmona.